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General Coin Info:

Coin NameMicroPaymentCoin
Block TypeProof Of Stake / Masternode
Block Time120 Seconds
Masternode Collateral25.000 MPC

Reward Info:

Block Reward25 MPC
Stake Reward10% (2.5 MPC)
Masternode Reward90% (22.5 MPC)

Supply and PreMine Info:

Total Supply:50.000.000 MPC
Pre-Mine:1.000.000 MPC (2%)

Pre-Mine BreakDown:

Developer Fund:500.000 MPC (1%)
Pre-Sale amount:500.000 MPC (1%)

Predicted ROI:

Amount of MNPercentageCoins Per DayCoins Per Year
1 MN23652%162005913000
10 MN2365%1620591300
50 MN473%324118260
100 MN237%16259130
250 MN95%64,823652